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The Department of the Geographer aims to accurately portray a Continental Army Staff surveying party including proper uniforms & clothing, equipment & instruments, skills & knowledge, theatre of operations & campaigns during the period from 1777 to 1783.

Reenacting History

The Department of the Geographer is a member unit of the Brigade of the American Revolution, an international historical association, founded in 1962, dedicated to recreating the life and times of the common soldiers of the American War for Independence. The living history unit portrays Assistant Geographers, civilian surveyors, draughtsmen, and enlisted chainmen, flagmen, and guards.

Survey Party

Military survey parties used surveyor's compasses, plane tables, Gunter's chains and chaining pins, flag staffs, and drawing instruments to measure and map roads, rivers, towns, and other topographical features useful to the commanders in planning and executing military operations.



Draughtsmen use data collected by a surveyor to create a map using 18th century handwriting, symbols, colors and scale.



Chainmen use a 66 ft Gunter's chain to measure distances.



Flagmen use highly visible flag staffs to mark the ends of measured lines and sighting points.

Join the Geographers

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