Paul Brennan

Planning and Setting Up Your Survey

Brandyn Charlton

18th Century Handwriting, Penmanship and Composition (Hand-On)

Lorna Hainsworth

Dividing the Line Betwixt Virginia & North Carolina and Kentucky & Tennessee

Philip Hosea

Military Protocol: Effectively Interpret the Life of the Private Soldier, Non-Commissioned Officer, or Commissioned Officer

Robert Kassenbaum

A Deep Dive into Washington’s Battle Maps and Their Use in Understanding the Battle-Space of the Revolutionary War

David Ingram

Surveyors, Statesmen and Revolutionaries

Dr. Erica Knuckles – Director of History and Collections at Fort Ligonier

The History of Fort Ligonier (Tour of the Museum and Fortifications)

Andrew Warren

An Indulgence Granted: Officers’ Servants, Bat-men, and Slaves


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